Employee Benefits

Simplify increasingly complex benefits administration.

In an ever-evolving marketplace it is more important than ever to maintain a fresh perspective on what will work best for your organization. We specialize in creative funding solutions for clients of all sizes while focusing on providing the coverage that you and your team require. We bring many years of successful experience creating plans for all different types of clients. The services we offer can also help you more easily understand the complex world of benefits administration and keep you up to date as the benefit world evolves.

Our Approach

The Rowley Agency's approach to employee benefits revolves around the principle of strategic partnership. We work closely with our clients to create viable, long-term plans that consider the intricacies of their specific industries and the needs of their workplace. Our goal is to provide a cost effective benefits plan that helps to attract and retain the very best talent while supporting a culture of wellness and productivity.

Group Insurance

In offering an extensive insurance program, you illustrate the priority you give to your employees. With a variety of options, we can help you determine the best path for your company.

Life and Disability Insurance

There is no price equivalency to peace of mind. Give your employees the opportunity to have financial stability for themselves and their families by providing these programs. In doing so, you effectively show your appreciation for a job well done.

Dental Insurance

Primary medical coverage does not extend to dental care. With constant dental care and maintenance a physical necessity, having this additional insurance will combat escalating costs of dental procedures and office visits.

Medical Insurance-

Fully Insured | Partially Self-funded | Private

Whether stand alone or on a private exchange, we can provide tailored plans for your company through the best insurance carriers available.


Our wellness approach is performance based, with risk management and better outcomes as the primary goal. We access both local and national wellness resources.

Worksite Benefits

We can assist you by establishing a voluntary payroll deduction benefits selection that will meet the needs of your employees.