Surety Bonds

Keep accountable and guarantee performance.

The Rowley Agency is New Hampshire’s specialist in surety bonds. We have developed an expertise in bonding since our earliest days in business serving the construction industry.

Surety bonds are issued to protect the recipient against loss in case the terms and conditions of the contract are not fulfilled in its entirety. A third party assumes the liability for nonperformance. Based on our high level of expertise and service, we can successfully assist you in your specific area of concern.

The types of bonds for which we are highly proficient include:

Contract Bonds

Used primarily in the construction field, this bond from a Surety to a property owner guarantees that a general contractor will adhere to the provisions of a contract.

License & Permit Bonds

These are required by certain federal, state, or municipal governments as prerequisites to receive a license or permit to engage in certain business activities.

Fidelity Bonds

Also known as Dishonesty Bonds, these protect employers from property theft by their employees.


Federal law requires that plan officials who manage, oversee, recommend, or handle funds or property of an employee must be covered by a personal fidelity bond.

Court Bonds

There are two types of Court Bonds. Judicial bonds are posted by parties seeking court remedies or defending against legal actions concerning court remedies. An examples of these promissory notes are bail bonds and appeal bonds.

Fiduciary bonds guarantee that the persons entrusted by the court will faithfully execute their specific duties. Also known as probate bonds, examples include administrator and trustee bonds.

Miscellaneous Bonds

Exactly what the name entails, miscellaneous bonds do not fit entirely under a specific heading and often are unique. Examples of these are hazardous waste removal bonds and lost securities bonds.

Please contact us for more information about bonding. Our experienced surety bond team will answer all of your questions and provide the coverage you need. 800-238-3840