Review Disclaimer

Review Disclaimer

Review Disclaimer

The information contained on this website is provided solely for general informational purposes and is not intended to be a solicitation or an offer to sell in connection with any product or service, nor is the information a complete description of all terms, conditions, and exclusions applicable to the products and services described. For complete descriptions of the terms, conditions, and exclusions of the products and services offered by the Rowley Agency, Inc, please contact us at 603-224-2562.

No coverage may be bound or changed through our website or through our email system.

Products and services referenced on this website may not be available in all locations. The Rowley Agency believes that the information provided is accurate at the time it is posted on this site. While the Rowley Agency periodically reviews and revises the information it provides on this website, the Rowley Agency does not warrant the accuracy of the information provided at the time it may be accessed by visitors to the site.

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This Web site provides only a simplified description of coverages and is not a statement of contract. None of the information provided on the website is a guarantee that insurance will be provided or that the agency is obligated to procure insurance for the website visitor. Coverage may not apply in all states. Misstatements or omissions of relevant information can lead to price variation or even declination or rescission of coverage. For complete details of coverages, conditions, limits, and losses not covered, be sure to read the policy, including all endorsements, or prospectus, if applicable. Coverage CANNOT be bound, amended, or altered by leaving a message on, or relying upon, information in this Website or through E-Mail, Voicemail or Text.


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